Guide-Line: Meet Photo Guide Nathan Kelley

Photo By Derek Bedwell

Our guides are what make us extraordinary!  With their inspiring knowledge and passion we’re excited to start our new weekly series “Guidelines” to help visitors learn more about the wonderful individuals that make Gastineau Guiding Juneau’s Premier Guiding Company. “My name is Nathan Kelley I’m a Photo Guide with Gastineau Guiding the past three years, […]

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Fish in a Barrel: Humpback Whales coming together in Juneau, Alaska

Photo by Jim Pfitzer

It is mid-summer in Southeast Alaska, near Juneau, where a large flock of gulls is floating in Lynn Canal—the deepest inland fiord in North America. If you encountered this raft of birds, you might logically think they are just resting, being social, or finding safety in numbers. And, maybe, you would be right. When, suddenly, […]

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5 easy tips: How to get that perfect whale tail shot.

Photographers come from all different skill levels. Cameras come in all different styles. Dr.Suess could write a book about the gizmos and gadgets that fall under the title of camera equipment. No matter your skill level or brand you photograph with, we can give you some great tips! Pressure runs high with wildlife and landscape […]

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