Be Our Guest

Photo by Cam Byrnes

Safety, Service, and a Sense of Wonder

At Gastineau Guiding we believe the tour experience begins when you start planning your actual vacation. When sorting through the many tour options available, you’ll undoubtedly have many questions. We welcome your inquiries by phone or by email anytime.  We want your tour experience to be the best it can be, so reach out and make sure our tour is the right tour for you.

If you do choose to join us on tour, know that you are our guest. And much like a guest who stays in our home, we open our ‘door’ and cheerfully share the vibrant nature of Southeast Alaska with you.

Photo by Cam Barnes

We strive to provide each guest a professional tour delivering the utmost in Safety, Service, and what we like to call “a Sense of Wonder”. In return we invite you to share your thoughts, questions, photos and/or experiences with us. In this way you are given the opportunity to provide feedback of our services while simultaneously sharing your perspective for the benefit of future travelers.

Your participation, as with the participation of many guests over the years, helps shape better outcomes for tomorrow’s travelers. So please join us on Facebookreview us on TripAdvisor or enter our Annual Capture Juneau Photo Contest. We love staying connected as guests share all of the magical moments experienced on each excursion!