Guide-Line: Meet Photo Guide Nathan Kelley

Photo By Derek Bedwell

Our guides are what make us extraordinary!  With their inspiring knowledge and passion we’re excited to start our new weekly series “Guidelines” to help visitors learn more about the wonderful individuals that make Gastineau Guiding Juneau’s Premier Guiding Company.

“My name is Nathan Kelley I’m a Photo Guide with Gastineau Guiding the past three years, and I also work for National Geographic Expeditions during the winter time. What I think is so unique about Gastineau Guiding is that you have the opportunity to go out in these small personal groups so we can really spend a lot of one on one time with every single person on the trail and make sure that they are getting the most out of their tour.  The great thing about out tour is that we go over all sorts of things so that anyone can take a great image with an iPhone, a point and shoot, a DSLR.  It doesn’t matter what you have with you on that trip, we just want to make sure you leave the trip with the best kind of image that kind of tells your story here in Alaska.  My goal as a photo guide with Gastineau Guiding is that I want to make sure that while we’re out on the trail or on the water each one of my guests get a full understanding of how they can use their camera to their best ability.  Many of our guests have never seen a humpback whale before coming out on our tours and it’s one of my favorite part of the job is to be able to take people out there and teach them about these animals and get inspired by them and how graceful and amazing it is to just watch them every day out on the water.”

GGC Guideline 2019 – Small Group = Big Difference from Gastineau Guiding on Vimeo.

Video Production by Robie Janes

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