Simply put, Gastineau Guiding is the best local guiding company in Juneau. With Juneau’s most extensive interpretive training program, our staff are prepared and ready to lead fun, memorable tours by excelling in our mission to provide each guest with: Safety, Service and a Sense of Wonder.

We step away from the crowds and share the history, nature and story of Juneau in a small group wilderness setting, with authentic presentation and personalized service. Our commitment to quality shows in our TripAdvisor rankings, high rate of employee retention, and–most of all–with our employees’ satisfaction.

Why Work at Juneau’s Premier Guiding Company?

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“What’s not to like; getting paid to hike in the woods and then watch whales with a small group of interesting people from all over the world.” – Van Waggoner, Naturalist Guide

Gastineau Guiding’s seasonal positions create opportunities for fun, outdoor recreation, new friendships, life-long learning, problem solving, collaboration, personal growth, professional development and lasting rewards.

As a local family-owned and owner-operated company we offer the following:

  • Moving Bonus, End of Season Bonus and Incentives
  • Advanced Natural History Training Programs
  • Employee Discounts and Pro Deals
  • Predictable schedule to balance life & work
  • Competitive Wages
  • Casual Atmosphere
  • The Best Outdoor Working Environment

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Our training model has been used to develop the state-wide Alaska Tour Guide Training Program and still serves as Juneau’s most in depth practical program for new guides. First year guides can expect over 80 hours of training before setting out on the trails, roads and ocean. Our interpretive training is led by our “Master Naturalist” Linda Nicklin, a long-time Gastineau Guiding team member. Linda has created our interpretive training from the ground up and imparts over 20 years of experience with the company, not to mention her experience with Lindblad Expeditions and her work publishing for National Geographic.

In 2022, we will be launching our hybrid online training program. First year staff will be provided access to a variety of natural history-focused classrooms to complete at their leisure. This will allow us to focus on real on-the-trail and on-the-water time when in-person training begins. Please note we have two training sessions this season, the first is at the beginning of April and the second session will start in the middle of May. Training is paid on a stipend basis, and in most cases, is a requirement to be considered eligible for hire. If you are NOT available beginning in April, we encourage you to still call the office to discuss your options.

Photo by Chad Kruzic

Curious about the “real” day to day life of a Gastineau Employee? 

Check out our Instagram – we like doing employee ‘take overs’ and post lots of candid shots from around the office/trails/boats. You can also watch the video at the top of the page, “A Guide’s GGC Summer in 2 Seconds a Day” made for fun by one of our guides OR check our vimeo page for more staff-made videos.

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