Photo By Cam Byrnes

Our Fleet

Our vessels offer the best vantage for Juneau whale watching and photographing wildlife. The time you spend in Alaska’s wilderness is precious. Often times our guests travel thousands of miles to see this awesome place. Many look forward to their tour with us more than any other part of their vacation, and as such, Gastineau Guiding Company is serious about delivering the best whale watching and educational wilderness experiences possible. Thats why we have invested in custom built safari vessels, designed by Almar and hand built in the USA. Currently we have nine newly built safari vessels in operation. That makes our fantastic fleet the newest and best equipped vessels operating in the Stephens Passage. Step aboard and you’ll find yourself immersed in the wonder of Juneau Alaska as you ply waters filled with natural abundance.

Our Whale Sighting Guarantee

All four of our Juneau whale watching tours, seen below, offer guaranteed whale sightings or each guest, adult or child, will receive a $100 cash refund at the end of their trip from Gastineau Guiding Company. In all our years as a local tour operator we have always delivered on our whale watching guarantee (by in large due to the remarkable annual journey of Juneau’s visiting humpback whales). Our captains and crew respectfully adhere to all local, state and federal rules set forth by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, NOAA, Alaska Whale Sense and Juneau’s Tourism Best Management Practices.  Gastineau Guiding supports responsible viewing practices adhering to the Alaska Humpback Whale Approach Regulations and does not intentionally approach whales within 100 yards. The safety and wellbeing of these mammals directly ties to our company’s sustainability, so you’re sure to be on a vessel that will not harass the local wildlife.

The Unique Safari Vessel Vantage

Vessel VantageThese vessels provide comfortable seating inside a dry covered cabin – perfect for the temperate climate of the Tongass. We operate the only area vessels that have large opening panel windows that provide an eye-to-eye vantage for photography, whale watching and wildlife viewing. There are even padded armrests that fold over the window sills, providing an additional level of comfort while allowing you to steady your shot.

The Unique Safari Vessel Size

Vessel SizeOur safari vessels are the perfect size, large enough to be stable and steady, yet small enough to be highly maneuverable. The tour size is limited, making the group size relatively small and the feel of the trip more personable and intimate. A Gastineau Guiding vessel provides a fun outing where everyone has the opportunity to engage their surroundings as a participant, rather than as a casual observer. A premier shore excursion for the discerning traveler.

The Unique Safari Vessel Layout

Vessel LayoutPerimeter seating allows each guest to freely move about the cabin making it convenient to dialog with your guide and easy to respond to whale and mammal sightings in a wild marine environment. Each boat is equipped with a restroom and plenty of handrails for added security while moving about the cabin. Our vessels operate at 80% of capacity to insure your comfort and deliver that small group feel. Exterior decks provide an open air view of your surroundings too.

The Unique Safari Vessel Choice

Select an eco-tour tailored to your specific interest, be it nature photography, hands-on research, natural interpretation or a private trip. Gastineau Guiding Company enhances the typical whale watching experience by providing a thematic and authentic Alaskan wilderness adventures. Step up from the common Juneau cruise and enrich your wilderness experience by choosing from one of the following special interest shore excursions: