Phil Trendler Jr.

My wife Roseann and I traveled to Juneau on the Westerdam in September. I signed up for the Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier Photo Safari hosted by George Boe. George did a great job of guiding, entertaining and providing the group with technical information concerning the amazing things we were about to see on our photo safari. I wanted to relay an experience we had on our trip. When our group reached the docks where the tour boats were there was a woman who was checking her equipment and discovered that she left her camera battery on the cruise ship. I have done this on vacations and know just how devastating it can be. There was no time to go back to the ship since it was a twenty minute ride each way plus the time it would have taken to get on and off the ship. The woman was not saying anything and was just suffering in silence but you could sense her disappointment. I pulled George aside and asked him if there was anything we could do to save this woman’s trip. What George did next was one of the most unselfish gestures you could imagine. He asked the woman what she was shooting. It turns out they were both shooting Canon. So George turned over his camera body to her. Her memory card and lenses were compatible with George’s camera body. He saved her day! And what a day it was! Ask George! The whale activity and breaching we witnessed was just incredible! The attached shot I got is just a sample of what we saw. We saw eagles, whales breaching, harbor seals, glaciers, salmon and “sunshine”!. The trip was a home-run! Thanks to George’s unselfish act that woman will have great memories and terrific photographs of her time on the Juneau Photo Safari. Please express my thanks and gratitude to George for a terrific tour.

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