Linda D.

We were privileged to have Skip & Jen as our guides on the “Whales & Mendenhall Glacier Photo Safari” in Juneau. Skip is an incredibly down-to-earth – yet passionate – guide & conservationist. He’s also one heck of a photographer, as evidenced by the slide show of his captivating photos (via PowerPoint at the front of the bus) during our bus ride to the hiking trail. Although it was POURING rain during our excursion, Skip and the crew were very prepared (loaned us all parkas) and very informative from start to finish. We thoroughly enjoyed our glorious hike through “Trail of Time” up to the Mendenhall Glacier (with which Skip is very familiar). Along the way, Skip worked with each & every one of us on picture-taking techniques and provided interesting Alaskan tips & trivia. After the glacier hike, we were taken by bus to a small port where we boarded a small whale watching boat and headed to the inlets with Captain Jen (& Skip). We saw a TON of whales, and “Eagle Eyes” Jen gently glided us over to a gorgeous Bald Eagle perched atop some rocks in the middle of the inlet. We all got great pictures. But for some strange reason, she decided to pull our vessel away from the current pod of Humpback Whales. Just as I felt we were going the wrong way (opposite the whales!) UP POPS A POD OF ORCA!!! Jen had been tracking the pod for some time, but didn’t want to get our hopes up until she was sure she could get within distance of the Orca. All I can say is it was INCREDIBLE!! A dream come true!! I cannot recommend this excursion enough. Worth every red cent – we’ll be talking about this excursion for a lifetime!! If you’d prefer a smaller, more intimate excursion with one-on-one time with the guide(s), this is the excursion for you. If you’d rather be sandwiched amongst dozens and dozens of other tourists in an impersonal whale watching boat, by all means choose another guide company.

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