Mount Roberts Extended Trek

Go Farther…

Nature, culture and extraordinary views – this extended trek beyond Father Browns Cross will revitalize you connection to the mountain tops as you earn your way to the bird-eye view atop Gastineau peak.  Get a little head start as you join your guide for a ride on Mount Roberts Tramway to complete the first 1800 feet climb in just 5 minutes or less!  After the short tram ride the views continue as with each passing step the city looks smaller and small as you get closer to the mountains.

This sub-alpine trek allows guests to experience the quiet solitude of the temperate rainforest, the lushness of alpine meadows, and the splendor of mountain cirques. At any time during the hike,


you may glimpse a wandering black bear, a bald eagle, or a whistling marmot. Frequent stops will provide time for interpretation about the medicinal and edible uses of the forest’s flora.

This strenuous hike will take you through the stunning alpine terrain for elevations gains from 3000-3800’ over 4-6 miles.  This is a strenuous trek and not recommended for guests with recent surgeries, chronic injuries, or any serious health conditions.  Please consult your medical provider before booking this experience.

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