Our Guides

Our guides are what make our company so extraordinary. Take a tour with us and you’ll be inspired by your guide’s passion and knowledge. Our guides spend all day everyday in the rainforest of Southeast Alaska. They truly value the opportunity to share this precious place with you, here, where daily life and breath-taking nature still exist hand in hand.

A guide’s knowledge stems from simple, pure enthusiasm and appreciation for this magnificent place we call home. Coming from varied experiences and walks of life, each guide completes our annual Spring training. They immerse themselves in workshops, trail sessions, discussions, and books about Juneau’s natural and cultural histories. Many guides also complete a 20 hour course with the State of Alaska to become Certified Interpretive Guides. Each guide then adds his or her specific areas of interest, expertise, style and personal stories.

Truly believing in the privilege and importance of sharing Southeast Alaska’s nature with other people, many of our guides hit the local trails and waterways with visitors year after year. Our small company is a close-knit family of outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, whale whisperers, photographers and local history buffs. We hope you will connect with our family, in some small yet significant way. Step Into Alaska with one of our guides below...

Adriane Honerbrink, Naturalist Photo Guide and Captain

Juneau, Alaska is a one of a kind place. I realized this the moment I got here. As a photographer this place allows my creativity to run wild with the ever changing sights. That is why I am here and that is why I love sharing this place.

Alex Litzsinger, Naturalist

Alice Smoker, Naturalist

Andra Martin, Driver Guide

My name is Andra and I was born and raised in Alaska.  I have had the unique experience of knowing Alaska.  Not just because I was raised here, but because I am Alaska Native and have had the greatest opportunity to learn from my grandparents and aunts and uncles about what the land, sea, and air have to offer and how to be a steward of my homeland.  Gunaalcheesh (Tlingit word for thank you) and welcome to my home!

Andy Davidson, Naturalist Photo Guide

Annette Ranger, Dock Rep

Annette Smith, Boat Captain

Lifelong Alaskan and mother to an awesome son. Captain Annette is a scuba diver extraordinaire - underwater photographer and videographer.  In fact, she was the first person in Juneau to become certified for advanced trimix diving. Captain Annette loves wrecks and walls and has been known to pirate old bottles and steamship pottery from diving the downtown Juneau docks. Even serves the occasional dinner or a proper tea on old steamship dinnerware.  Annette retired after 33 years in the IT field and now gets to do what she wanted to do all her life.  "I cannot think of a better way to spend my retirement than sharing the amazing cold water oceans and all of it's beauty with you!" - Captain Annette

Ashlynn Antoni, Director of Sales and Marketing

In 2011, I came to Alaska with plans to work a seasonal position, and when the adventure was over I would find something new and exciting once again.  I'm still waiting to get my fill of Juneau.  Around every corner I am continually in awe of its nature, and inspired by the incredibly welcoming and kind people. I feel so lucky to be a part of a community that strives to share the beauty of our home with visitors as well as help connect them to the magic which continues to call us back year after year.

Bess Crandall, Naturalist

Bob Janes, Owner / Operator

I have resided in Juneau since 1965. With my wife Dawn, we founded our little interpretive company in 1994 "as a way to keep fit and stay in touch with nature's lessons". In the summer, you're likely to find me roaming the trails with my camera, piloting a safari vessel, or sharing stories about Juneau with visitors on the dock.

Breanna Walker, Naturalist Science Guide

Brian Doyle, Photo Naturalist

People come to Alaska in hopes to have a great adventure. With my knowledge of the area and of cameras, it is an honor in having an opportunity to help share their Alaska story. I traded in the urban, fast-paced Los Angeles lifestyle for an outdoor, rugged, adventurous lifestyle and I couldn't be happier! I look forward to seeing you behind the lens.

Brian Hild, Naturalist Photo Guide

Inspired by an old Time-Life book about Alaska I used to read as a
child, I moved to Anchorage in 2002 in search of adventure and beauty.
As an aspiring photographer it was hard to find a bad shot. I've
worked as a photojournalist since 2002, and I fell in love with Juneau
while covering the Legislature four years ago. Now I live here, and
cover state politics in the winter and in the summer I show people how
to make photographs while sharing the beauty of Juneau.

Cam Byrnes, Naturalist Photo Guide / Driver Trainer

Born "outside" I moved to Alaska in 1974 and have never wanted to make my home anywhere else. I have been involved with photography for 40 years and have been leading tours in Juneau for 15 years. The two go together perfectly. Leading tours lets me share this wonderful place with our guests and keeps me on the trails and on the water during our long summer days. I like to travel and take pictures around the world but I'll never run out of things to photograph here in Juneau.

Chelsea Karthauser, Naturalist

Chris Clifone, Naturalist

Clayton Douglas, Naturalist

Cody Phan, Photo Naturalist Guide

After my service in the United States Marine Corp I was lucky enough to join the Gastineau Guiding team and follow my passion for photography.  Coming from Colorado I'm happy to immerse myself in the wonder of Alaska and share its immense and unique beauty with visitors from around the world.

Colton Welch, Naturalist

Growing up in Juneau, I have always loved the outdoors. Appreciating this land is in my nature and I enjoy sharing it with our guests. Whales are pretty cool too!

David Houghton, Naturalist

I am a biology professor at a small college in southern Michigan, and I also run a research station in the north woods. I teach courses in field ecology, stream ecology, and animal biology, and conduct various field research projects with my small army of students. I am looking forward to giving guests of Gastineau Guiding the experience of a lifetime in an amazing place.

David McMaster, Photo Naturalist

David Thomson, Naturalist

Juneau has been my home since 1983. Originally from the Maryland/D.C. area, moved north after graduating college in Iowa figuring that if it didn’t work out, I could always move back to the Lower 48. Landed work with the State of Alaska in finance and spent 31 years with the last 14 managing the money for the Division of Wildlife Conservation within the Department of Fish and Game, retiring in 2015. I contacted Gastineau Guiding before retiring; what could be better than to go hiking and share my love of this area with visitors. I hope you savor your time in Alaska, once you have been here; a little part of you never goes home.

Dawn Wolfe, Owner / Operator

My two week vacation to Juneau in 1980 still hasn't ended. I've somehow managed to become the company's administrative lifeline. When not playing softball, working in the yard, or enjoying the outdoors with our twins, I'm likely to be planning our next company party, or buried in piles of paperwork at our downtown office.

Derek Bedwell, Photo Naturalist

Diane Kyser, Naturalist and Captain

Doug Jones, Photo Naturalist

Emma Nelson, Naturalist Guide

Fred Hiltner, Boat Captain

Hannah Goodwin, Naturalist and Daily Coordinator

Ian Perez, Photo Naturalist

Jen Levy, Boat Captain


Jim Schell, Boat Captain

Jimm Hammond, Naturalist/ Bus Driver


Jon Lyman, Naturalist Guide

Jon and his wife fled the east coast to Alaska two weeks before Woodstock. They have never regretted trading traffic, crowds, and noise for the past four decades raising a family remotely, the nearest neighbors otters and bears, town a half mile walk through wilderness. Friends say Jon has lived life like a poem; his wife, Lesley, thinks its often like fiction. From wildlife educator to fisherman, log builder to musician and writer, Jon has lived the Alaska life! And, today, Jon's greatest joy is sharing his Alaska with new friends.

Jordy Williams, Naturalist


Katie Janes, Dock Representative


Katy Bear Nalven, Naturalist Guide

I am originally from Tempe, Arizona. I attended a liberal arts college in Arkansas on a soccer scholarship where I graduated with a B.S. in Biology. This past winter, I worked and studied at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic in Southwest Florida. I could not be more excited to be back in Juneau and share this wilderness that has stolen my heart with anyone who visits!

Keith Pahlke, Naturalist


Kellen Priest, Naturalist Guide

I came up last year to Juneau from Colorado, and worked as a Dock Rep for Gastineau Guiding. I completely fell in love with this place and the people here! I decided to stay the winter and worked with the Alaska State Legislature. I absolutely love Juneau and consider it my new home!

Kellie Nightlinger, Naturalist Guide

Kellie is a wilderness survivalist and enjoys teaching wild edible and herbal plant uses to clients. Her goal every tour is to change clients' lives through inspiring through outdoor education and symbiosis of everything on this great planet!

Kim Ramos, Naturalist


Kristin Sargoy, Photo Naturalist Guide


Lars Johnson, Nature Center Staff/Naturalist Guide

Laura Chase, Nature Center Staff/Naturalist

Laurie Clough, Naturalist Guide

Lee Davis, Boat Captain/Bus Driver

Leslie Lyman, Naturalist Guide

Lesley moved to Alaska with her husband Jon (also a guide) in 1969 to teach school. They experienced life in a logging camp, in a Tlingit village, and then in their cabin in the Interior before moving to Juneau in 1982. It is her delight to share the wonders of this land with others.

Linda Nicklin, Training Manager / Naturalist Guide

As Director of our in-house training program it is my job to help insure the quality of our tours by providing guide training in natural history, cultural history, and interpretive skills. Gastineau Guiding's commitment to quality has kept me coming back for more than twenty years!  When not working for the company, I teach, author books and act as a naturalist in various parts of the world. I also work with a humpback whale research project in Maui called Whale Trust. I feel fortunate to have a job that allows me to support our guides in creating the best possible experience for each visitor, and one which is the source of such inspiration and joy.

Mariah Mathews, Daily Coordinator

Mark Jenkins, Naturalist Guide

I am an original Utahn. As a public health professional my previous work allowed me to explore places far and wide – from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to Yangon and many amazing places in between. Wilderness and the preservation of sacred spaces is my lifelong bliss. Now a Naturalist in Douglas with my honey and dog, i love to learn and share all things Alaskan with friends.

Mark Stopha, Boat Captain

Maureen Lare, Naturalist

Originally from Columbus Ohio, I've always loved nature and traveling and I am passionate about sharing that love with others. After spending a year and a half in Maui working as a naturalist guide, I was convinced by many of my friends and colleagues who "follow the whales" to do so as well, bringing me to Juneau. The wild beauty here is breathtaking and I can't wait to share it with you!

Michael LaMonica, Boat Captain

Mircea Brown, Naturalist Photo Guide

Growing up in Juneau I started to notice how the land, sea and glaciers were all connected. With a passion in filmmaking and photography, this job allows me to teach and share those connections via my passion. My goal by 2016 is to have a full length documentary depicting the connections I experience daily in the wonderful, beautiful Southeast Alaska

Molly Briggs, Naturalist Photo Guide

She is slightly obsessed with humpback whales and clearly LOVES her job. Sharing such a beautiful and changing place with guests from all over the world makes her heart happy. Her ideal tour ends with her guests stepping off the bus with a smile on their face and at least one picture they're proud of in their camera.

Nathan Kelley, Naturalist Photography Guide

Nick Stewart, Dock Representative

Phil Gutleben, Naturalist Guide

After a long and varied job history in the private and public sectors, I have found the ideal encore career as a naturalist guide for Gastineau Guiding. With a background in science education I love the outdoors and all things Alaska, my adopted home. I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experiences with visitors. 

Rachel Sager, Naturalist Guide

The adventure began traveling from Washington state, driving up the Alaska Canada Highway where the road was illuminated by the Northern lights, through the Yukon where a moose revealed its large antlers, hopped on a ferry following the Pacific Rainforest, and finally landing in Juneau. My passion for connecting people to the outdoors to enhance their sense of the wonder in the world lead me to find this job in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!  I'm so happy and fortunate to have to opportunity to work outside and share my passions with Gastineau Guiding Company and the many guest traveling to Juneau each summer..

Richard Stokes, Lead Naturalist Guide

As a retired chemist, I have worked with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and I enjoy sharing a bit of my local knowledge. My summer days on the trails have lowered my cholesterol 30 points and kept my weight at a lean and mean (well, never mind).

Robie Janes, Dock Rep

I'm just working for dad and mom being a Doc Rep. Working here at GGC I have learned so much about life. I have also found a deep love for the outdoors, and the natural world.

Scott Ranger, Lead Naturalist Guide

I came to visit my daughter and son in law in the summer of 2008 for a month. It rained the whole time and I've been in love with the place ever since! I love to share my passion for the natural environment with others -- whether running a nature center, working as a Park Ranger, or hiking the trail with guests. If I'm not hiking the trails in Juneau you can find me in Georgia editing the newsletter for the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society or heading up a team for Habitat Humanity in southern Africa with my wife.

Scotty Davis, Boat Captain

Shannon Easterly, Naturalist Guide

My love for the outdoors, and for whales, began before I can remember. After graduating from the University of Georgia, I moved to Maui to study humpback whales, and, eventually, they drew me to Alaska. Now I can't imagine spending summers anywhere else. I delight in using my scientific background to share this beautiful place with the world.

Sierra Gadaire, General Manager

Skip Gray, Photo Naturalist Guide

Steve White, Lead Boat Captain

Theresa Soley, Naturalist Science Guide

After graduating with a degree in biology in 2011, I packed my car and sprinted to Alaska. Since that time I have fallen in love with whales, worked as an observer on a crab boat in the Bering Sea, and become an Alaskan naturalist. I enjoy filling the gap between scientists and guests on tours, getting people into wild places so that they will yearn to conserve them.

Tristan Sebens, Naturalist Science Guide

Wendy Byrnes, Naturalist Guide

Yarrow Vaara, Office Manager

Zachary Kelly, Naturalist Photography Guide

They say everyone is normal until you get to know them. If you ask me on your how I got to Alaska, I might tell you I just needed to get out of the city. That was partly true. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, California. That is where I realized my love for nature documentary and wildlife photography. I grew up as a Boy Scout/Farm-boy in Colorado with a "allergy" to the indoors. I have spent my entire life outside shooting photos, hiking, camping...the works. Come get to know me as I guide and show you Juneau's breathtaking wilderness. I look forward to meeting you!

Zori Oberle, Nature Center Staff