Photo by Jeremy Gieser

Mount Roberts Nature Center

The Mount Roberts Nature Center is located at the top of the Mount Roberts Tramway, only a 5 minute ride from, and 1800’ above, downtown Juneau. You can get there by purchasing a Tram ticket or by signing up for our “Town, Tram & Trek” excursion.

However you arrive, take time to relax on our deck high above the bustling waterfront below. Enjoy the fresh alpine air as you take in views of downtown Juneau, the Gastineau Channel and beyond…

You can even enjoy a cup of cider while you muse around many interpretive displays or browse through our gift shop for unique nature oriented gifts, books and maps.

Inquire about our self-guided alpine audio tour “Tracks and Trails”. Our naturalist staff offers frequent deck talks and presents a narrated slide presentation on the nature of Southeast Alaska in the “Marmot Theatre”.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, need mountain trail information, or have questions about the natural history of Southeast Alaska, we invite you in for a taste of warm Juneau hospitality.

At the Nature Center, we are very close to tree line in the heart of the Alaskan Rainforest. Exploring the Mount Roberts trails, hikers quickly enter the fragile and treeless alpine zone. Here, flora and fauna may take many years to mature, due to harsh climatic conditions. Views are spectacular even though weather conditions can be unpredictable.

The Tongass National Forest, which surrounds the borough of Juneau, is the largest contiguous rainforest in the US. It is also one of the most important, in that it is the last substantial remaining temperate coastal rainforest. The temperate rainforest ecosystem is more rare and threatened than tropical rainforest systems.

For instance, “Only 4% of the Tongass National Forest contains the biggest, most productive old-growth forest–the biological heart of the Tongass. These old-growth forest lands support critical fish and wildlife habitat that sustains subsistence, sport and commercial hunting and fishing, recreation and tourism.” – Tongass Fact, SEACC.

Tongass Quick Facts

  • Anual Rainfall: 20” to 200” of rain annually depending on location
  • Animal Species: At least 40 species of land mammals, 200 species of birds and 5 amphibians
  • Miles of coastline: 15,000
  • Acres of land: over 19 million