Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Mission

Sharing our home means caring for it too

At Gastineau Guiding we believe it is our responsibility and privilege, as an Outdoor Adventure Tour Operator which provides services to thousands of visitors, to introduce and demonstrate sustainable practices and alternatives. While we strive to awaken a sense of wonder in our guests through sharing the beauty of our home, we also hope to inspire change and education as we share our message of renewable energy with our community at home, and the tourism community at large.

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Our guests help, too!

Gastineau Guiding contributes to the ongoing development and maintenance of the miles of trail system here in Juneau for both local and visitors to enjoy year round. It is estimated that our guests walked or hiked 50,000 miles in the course of the 2014 season, alone – that’s about 13,000,000 calories burned and thousands of pounds of possible fossil fuel emission replaced with human sweat!

Our Projects

Powered by Rain

Powered by Rain!

In 2016, we debuted Juneau’s first electric hybrid tour bus, Watt. This converted 28 passenger bus utilizes Juneau’s hydroelectric power source.  Watt will be powered by rain and used to share our home and the message to Go Green with all our guests.

Powered by Rain

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Guiding has been actively involved in recycling for the past 15 years and led the forefront to bring it to the tourism community eight years ago. At that time, we arranged for a local recycling company to provide weekly pick-ups.

Gastineau Guiding is committed to recycling products such as the oil from our vessels and vehicles which we reuse in our mechanic shop for heating the building.

We also separates and recycles all customer generated waste, including paper, plastic, and aluminum. We recycle approximately 4,800 gallons of paper, plastic and aluminum per year, and 3000 pounds of cardboard per year.

Our Community and Our Future


Working together towards the bigger solution!

We are committed to converting entirely to zero-emission transport within the next 10 years. In 2016, we became a member of Adventure Green Alaska, a voluntary certification program for tourism businesses operating in Alaska that meet standards of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. We also work closely with Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau, Alaska Travel Industry Association, and the US Forest Service Green Initiatives with the hope to share that vision with the tourism community at large!

"Gastineau Guiding is committed to not only utilizing more efficient transportation to lower our GHG emissions, but to be a leader in helping plan the infrastructure and its placement as to encourage other tourism and transportation companies to evolve to clean hydro-powered vehicles and boats." – Bob Janes